Völkerfreundschaft #2/ Live Music, Life Free June 16th 8pm

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June 16th, 8pm Tberlin, Fidicinstr. 38, Berlin Kreuzberg ihr Muschis


who reads this__
live  8/11
gonna start loud and end loud,mostlz musical, always dope
free show,
the line up is a colorfulmix, who might just superband it in the last hour. definitely a one time combination that will be unique to this event, i am this (half a cenitmetre) to fully recommend i have a good feeling about this one!


–> this was the original facebook event description which was done in a haste and with shitty windows computer, also that was 3 days ago, so now i already have a few act C’ed (confirmed)

Motz Art is headlining, his Violine got stolen over the weekend, and even he had to spend the night in hospital so I am very glad he is back and was able to borrow a new violine, he will put a lot of passion into this performance per usual, a Berlin Original


extra Billing is Mitch, from Mitchandsands, he travels by himself,so not with the sand this time but he plays the flute and makes loops, gonna be killer

I met him via couchsurfing, he wanted to stay with me, but now he is my guest on stage.

PLUS Berlin Superstar Gockl Power is gonna sing into another sphere and if you think that was it, maybe you are right, but probably we have punky rockband playing their rehearsal from 8-9, needs to be that early because the neighbours…whole show goes to 11pm, afterwards artpimp radio is Djing


see you there

p.s. if you read tis until here you will be entitled to a major surprise just come to the guy with the golden hat, and say the magic word (you come up with that one)


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