Saturday Chill Thrill with Radio Artpimp – June 17th @Tberlin

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Every Saturday, we hang out together listen to nice music, maybe you can bring a record with you too, there are lots of Record Shops around, like the very popular Spacehall, or if you prefer one in the subterrain you can go to Marla Records which you can visit in the afternoon, and then come by after to share the first listen with friends of music. (and if you are into records you need to come to Tberlin Record Fair Event every other sunday too…) Also I will invite The Listening Get Together, which is a fun group that gets together to listen to a record together in silence to then discuss it after, a lot of fun, check their events, and if they look for a  space on Saturday very welcome to have their home at the Tberlin…

The overall Djing of the night if there are no shared record listens, or street musicians that wandered in will be brought to you by Artpimp Radio   Nice cats are there too, very sorry if you allergic but they are just too nice to kick out…

The Tberlin is a cultural meeting spot and otherwise a venue for concerts and performances of all sorts.  (ACTUAllY! for future events, probably from July 1st in the back room on top of the music and hang out outside we gonna have Komm-ä-Die!?, Comedy, both in english and german, hopefully hosted by Courtney, I just had that idea today, and i think she will be a great host if she has the time, but i havent heard back from her yet, but i am too excited to leave this detail out. The backroom fits like 30 people, which creates i think a great  atmosphere, Miles Lloyd hopefully will be on the bill too sometime if he can fit it into his busy and successful career as Underground Comedy Legend)  Always welcoming and friendly place.they serve great Tea, and also Bar things like drinks and you know, food maybe too soon 😉 …people generally like it is what i am saying it is located in a quiet but lovely area of Berlin Kreuzberg  look for the watertower, right opposite you find us, right on the corner: Fidicinstr. 38


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