IndiePimpDance Day – 4th of July

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I know, I know everyone loves the no structure word storm writing style of the previous event descriptions, but this one is too special for that, so i will behave… so here goes **BULLET POINTS**

* Live Music * Ping Pong * Exhibition * Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
* T berlin Fizzler Stand * (table) Fireworks * DJ#s from Radio Artpimp * Finger Banging (to be explained and confirmed) * #Artpimp Merchandise, exclusive as F*** * School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe Booth (TBC) * many more TB stuff (including a language experience and grammar lessons by NERdS)*

during the summer, every week tuesdays in the griessmĂŒhle is ping pong outside, next to the canal, bon fire, djs, always nice, technically no artpimp event needed to have a good time there
Entrance Fee as always 3,- Euros

The Artpimp Berlin Event around it has a seperate, invisible magic secret door (of perception). If you say A Magic Wort you are able to get our #artpimp entrance package consisting of free fizzler shot, and small artpimp original collectible.
for only 5,- Euros it is a bargain 😉 and a very nice support ♄

In addition there will be FOR THE FIRST TIME original #artpimp produced Paintings sold. Your chance to be part of artpimp history.

Lea Simon has made some fresh oil flow paintings, one of which is still drying after 7 days on my desk, but well worth the wait…

Zuzu Smith will paint for america… Proceeds we will be donated to a Us american culture thingie that trump cut funding for. and a berlin institution as well. #welovetogive , do you?

and of course many many more Artpimpers will add their magic to the event, including the likes of Dj Szukaj, who will travel to Berlin exclusively for this event, – will you do too doo doo ;p?

Main thing like all the events, is to have a good time together, soo
this one is gonna be a wild one, even if it rains,…:P

the facebook event is here

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